I'm Steven. I write about a slice of the things I'm doing and put them here. Feel free to reach out via YouTube direct message.


An oscilloscope, on the web.

Cloth Simulation

A project I did during my graphics class at Cal.

I wrote some code to represent a cloth. Then I wrote some code to simulate physical forces acting on that cloth.

Face Morphing

Smoothly morphing images with Python and a bit of linear algebra.

You're going to want your face morphed too.

Gradient Domain Fusion

Results from a project I did during my image manipulation course with Alexei Efros.

Math heavy, but fun!

Curses Tutorial

Learn the basics of Python's curses library.

This was written for some CS10 students.

Hello World in HOtMEfSPRIbNG

My take on Hello World in this esoteric metaphor-oriented language.

This language is really crazy.