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Typer.js is

the typing effect with a pure HTML interface

Carlos Flores

"My life is 1,000 times better now that I have Typer.js-- Thank you!"

Big Daddy Kane

"I'm the authentic poet to get lyrical; For you to beat me, it's gonna take Typer.js"

Barack Obama

"Typer.js has allowed access to health care for over 7 million Americans."

Dwight Schrute

"Fact. Schrute Farms beet production is at a record high now that we use Typer.js."

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Easy to Use

Using Typer.js is easy. Include the small javascript file by placing <script src='typer.js'></script> at the bottom of your HTML file.

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It's Good Style

A pure HTML interface is important for readability. With Typer.js, you'll never have to open a javascript file to change the attributes or words of the typing effect. The words used appear right along the rest of your HTML, like they should.